Cosplay of the Day – 9/27/10


     yuegene’s Cosplay of the Day is from the ball jointed doll company, Dream of Dolls. Ball Jointed Dolls are anime influenced dolls that are mostly sold in Japan, South Korea, and China. yuegene’s cosplay is of elf Duncan, a limited edition Dream of Dolls piece. Dream of Dolls pieces are highly customizable, which is one reason so many cosplayers like them, because they can stylize them like a mini version of their own cosplays.

     The Dream of Dolls site has this to say about elf Duncan, “Lucifer DUCAN, who tempts God. He holds the power over Aren – the city of water colors, and uses innocents souls for the source of his Black Magic. He got wounded severely during the fight with the priest SHA, so stayed in the outer wall of the city. During his stay, he met this beautiful and innocent girl and hot cured by her, but then he found out that she is the sister of Aren who saves souls with SHA from him and get very confused.”

Cosplay : Ducan by *yuegene

        Want to see the other dolls in Dream of Doll’s collection? Click here.
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