We’ve got your dose of Saturday APH cosplay! Here are the newest APH cosplay pictures that we’ve found. You can take a look at our other Hetalia pictures on the link on the right hand side.

    The new season of APH that was supposed to be released in September will be released in March 2010.

    Here is a good collection of APH cosplays that were posted by deviantart user Lindzar.


     One of the best Prussia cosplayers!

     See the newest APH cosplays!

APH – Sailors by ~Doitsu-HongKong

Hetalia – Watching Over You by =Andy-K

APH: U.S History for Dummies by =teabean

APH – rest by ~ladycallisto

Rose – APH by ~Kiriahtan

APH: Ice and Lakes by ~Sandriz

Strike a pose by ~Sandriz

Protection by ~Sandriz

     What Sandriz has to say about the above photo: “I, Finland, am wearing the uniform used by Nylands Regemente (present at Sveaborg) from 1797. Newer uniform regulation had been issued by the king before 1808-09, but they had not spread to the eastern half of the Swedish Kingdom yet, so the 1797 ones were used throughout the war. :userBetsiel:, Russia, is wearing a Russian uniform from the same era. Both uniforms are handmade by ourselves.

     Sveaborg fortress was the Swedish stronghold in the south of Finland, usually called “Finland’s lock”, though it never got to prove what it could do, as it surrendered under still considered very mysterious conditions quite early in the war. An interesting fact though, is that the cannon I’m standing on (as well as all other cannons on Sveaborg) is pointing towards Sweden. A little souvenier from the Russian time.”

     That’s all the APH cosplay for today! Keep following us for more.

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