Samus Cosplay in Celebration of Newest Metroid Game

Metroid – Zero Suit Samus 4 by =Yukilefay

      The newest Metroid game Metroid: Other M has come out for Wii and has been the subject of much video gaming talk. A lot of people believe it to be one of the best games of the year, while others have been giving it terrible scores. Whatever is your take on it, here’s some Metroid cosplays that are just plain good.

Metroid cosplay – Elysia Sky by =Yukilefay

Metroid – Zero Suit Samus 5 by =Yukilefay

Samus Cosplay – Metroid by =Yukilefay

Bounty Hunter Samus – Cosplay by =Yukilefay

Metroid Cosplay Fearless Samus by =Yukilefay

Metroid – Samus at stage by =Yukilefay

Kiriban Request Bonus – Samus by =Yukilefay

Samus’ blaster cannon by *Yukilefay

     All of these are by the most amazing Metroid cosplayer we’ve found, Yukilefay!

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