Lightning Cosplay – How to Make the Best Final Fantasy Cosplays

by =fiathriel

     We found the best ff Lightning cosplay tutorials and have assorted the best lightning pictures for you here.

     Lightning is one of the most popular Final Fantasy cosplays right now. She’s a lone wolf, much like Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. She fights to save her sister Serah and eventually learns to become more compassionate in caring. In the beginning, she is cold and distanced but learns to rely on her companions.

     “It’s not a question of can or can’t. There are some things in life you just do.” 

by *xLulux

     Description of Lightning taken from her wiki:

      Lightning has long, light pink hair, blue eyes, and a heart-shaped face like her younger sister Serah. She wears a light brown turtleneck along with a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant underneath a white soldier uniform.

     There is a green metal pauldron of the Guardian Corps with two glowing yellow stripes symbolizing her rank as a sergeant, a long red cape attached to her back on the left side, and a brown belt below her bust. She also wears a long black sleeve over her left arm that begins from her bicep, knee-high leather boots and a brown mini-skirt.

by =fiathriel

     The M5817 is a good pattern to use if sewing Lightning’s jacket. This is what you should use as the buckle. One of the best wigs we have seen for Lightning’s wig is sold by cosmonde on ebay. Or you can try to alter one from cosworx.

     Lightning has some badass shoulder armor. Luckily, we found this tutorial that goes through the steps on how to accurately create Lightning’s shoulder armor.

by *xLulux

     She also has a badass blade. Here‘s a tutorial that goes into making a dagger for her. It also folds in onto itself. Here‘s a tutorial on how to make the Blaze Edge.

     For her boots, you might have luck looking at Target for them cheap.

by ~hakimo

     These are some of the best resources for making the perfect FFXIII Lightning costume. Take a look at what others did to give you some inspiration. There’s some amazing Lightnings out there!

by ~Nekobellechan

by =fiathriel

by *RainerTachibana

     CosplayPro’s favorite Lightning Cosplays on Deviantart.

     Or skip the tutorials and just buy the costume.

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