England Cosplay – How to Make the Best Hetalia England Costume

Hetalia: England by ~rosiael

     Recently we showed you how to cosplay as America, now we give you a how to for England, who was responsible for watching over him for years and taught him his bad taste for food. After the Revolutionary war broke out, America fought him for his independence. Now England often gets drunk around the Fourth of July and curses America to all who can listen.

    England’s real name is Arthur Kirkland. He is a gentleman, yet cynical, and can barrage you with a load of curse words. He has the ability to interact with spirits.

     What characterises his look: Short blond hair, green eyes, and a green military uniform.

England – APH by *Aschenvogel

     Once again, the best place to shop when shopping for Hetalia is your local army surplus store. If you can find stuff there before beginning this tutorial, then you’ve already saved yourself some money. Plus, it’s often genuine. Look for that green WWII uniform there.

     If you couldn’t find anything or want to do it yourself, read on. What most people often have trouble with this aph costume is actually the eyebrows. Weird, huh? It’s because most people don’t naturally have the thick eyebrows England has.

     You’re going to have to work on those eyebrows. Buy a dark brown Sephora eyebrow pencil and brush. Brush your eyebrow upwards, draw in some with the pencil. Keep doing that until it’s satisfactory. Here’s where you can get the Sephora brush and comb: Search Amazon.com for sephora eyebrows

Hetalia: England by ~penragonwebsite

     If you really have thin eyebrows and think that this won’t help, then you should buy fake eyebrows and make sure you put them on with spirit gum. Spirit gum is the best costume adhesive. Spirit Gum Adhesive & Remover For Prosthetic Cosmetics

     Need a good England wig? http://shop.cosplay.com/roni.html

     The belt that England wears is called a Sam Browne Belt. That will definitely help you in your search. If you want to buy boots they might be expensive, so you can try to buy these boots, and then making them into a more military style using this tutorial.

Hetalia – England by ~YuuGazerock

     If you can’t find the jacket anywhere, you’re going to have to make it yourself. Keep in mind, creating military style jackets from scratch isn’t easy. The best pattern we could find to start off with England’s uniform is the 2340 pattern here. You’re going to have to change it up some, but it’s a good base.

    If you don’t want to change it so much this is a good pattern also, but if you don’t change it, it won’t look perfect. Twill will work as a fabric.

     When cosplaying as England, remember to get his trademark looks down. The best pictures we’ve seen also have him in a good location such as the one above with the clocktower. Good luck! Keep following for more Hetalia cosplays.

     If you finish your England costume, why not try something more challenging? How about his pirate or revolutionary war costume?

England by *Blasteh

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