America Cosplay – How to Make the Best America Costume

by *schizoed

     One of Hetalia’s favorites, America is in love with justice, freedom, and junk food. He’s often seen holding a hamburger, wearing a bomber jacket with “50” on the back, and giving the thumbs up.

     Here’s a guide on how to make the best Alfred F. Jones/America costume. We’re going to be making the bomber jacket version.

by *TheFailFox

      First you have to get America’s blond hair which represents Nantucket. A good wig that has been used for America has come from Cosworx. You’re going to have to tame it a little to get the part. Click here for the Roni wig.

     For America’s suit, you can use this with some alterations. Or you could try to sew it using this pattern.

     America’s jacket is a bomber jacket around circa WWII. You can go the best route and find one at a military surplus store, finding the real thing, or you can try to make it yourself by using a pattern such as this if you alter it.

     If you are a pro at sewing you can try these pro level WWII style jacket patterns. 

 by ~SatinKitten

     Remember America has a “50” on the back of his jacket which represents the 50 states. You can do it easily with paint. On the front, he has a star pattern. There is a star on America’s front jacket.

     This picture shows the star well.

by ~PandaRosi

     A lot of versions also show an airplane on his sleeve. America has blue eyes too so if you want to get contacts make sure you get them in that color.

     America’s glasses are similar to Teddy Roosevelt’s and he doesn’t really need them to see. Reportedly they represent Texas.

by Beni

     Early designs show America with his pants tucked into his boots. Later designs show the pants over the boots. You can chose to do either, but know that either way is justified.
     If you need a good commissioner to do patchwork for the star and the airplane try CosBrigade.
     If you just want to buy the costume and do it the easy way: CosplayHouse America, or HelloCosplay America.

     With these tips and by looking at these amazing America pictures, you can cosplay as an awesome America too, and you get to eat cheesburgers while doing it!

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