Mass Effect Cosplay

     Ever since Mass Effect came out, it has been the source of such intricate cosplays that just blew our mind with how complicated they could get…and how good they looked. Now with Mass Effect 2 out for awhile, the cosplays for both versions of the game are rolling in.

     There are already a ton of resources out there for those who are looking to get into Mass Effect cosplay too!

     Check out this site, which goes through the construction of the N7 armor.

     Some of the best cosplayers out there, such as Jia Jem are cosplaying Mass Effect. Take a look at her impressive version of Jack, and how much detail there is to it!

      Mass Effect is becoming more and more popular at cons too with the costumes just really making you stop and stare.

by ~BlizzardTerrak


    Even the props look amazing. This M8 Avenger is made by Volpin’s Props. It looks so realistic. Can it fire too?

Volpin Prop’s m8 Avenger

     There’s a lot of good resources out there for people who want to cosplay Mass Effect.

     Mass Effect Helmet and Armor
     Mass Effect 2 Helmet
     Make yourself fish like – Not a Mass Effect Character, but tips you can use for Mass Effect

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