Best Morrigan Cosplays from Darkstalkers – How to Make the Best Morrigan Costume

     Want to learn how to make the best Morrigan costumes? How about you learn how to from the best Morrigan cosplayers. They were very helpful and posted their own tips on how to cosplay as Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

     Here is Mrs. Hyde cosplaying as Morrigan.

Mrs. Hyde Morrigan cosplay


Mrs. Hyde Morrigan cosplay

Mrs. Hyde Morrigan cosplay

Mrs. Hyde Morrigan cosplay

     Mrs. Hyde’s tips on how to make her Morrigan Darkstalkers costume:

“Morrigan’s little wings on the head were done with fabric, wire for the structure, sculpting material and plastic old cables to simulate the “bones”. They are fully removable and very light-weighted for Morrigan.

The wig is “Tina” from Cosworx in turquoise, styled and cut by me.

Morrigan’s big wings were done with plastic tubing (pieces of hula hoop to be more precise) with wire inside to maintain the desired shape, then everything was cover in fabric and finalize with some sculpting material to create the tips of the wings and the little bone “claw” at the top. All the materials were chosen specifically to keep the wings as light as possible for this Morrigan cosplay.

The body is made out of a very strong pleather and it has two small “pockets” behind in witch Morrigan’s wings are inserted, the body holds up because of the strong material and the lightweight wings. On the inside it has a bra cup for support and shape, that comes with clear detachable straps for comfort.

Morrigan’s stockings were died from scratch (I think I messed up about 15 pairs just trying to get the right color T.T), the little bats were painted while I was wearing them with a stencil and a sponge with very little paint to avoid leaking.

Morrigan’s gloves were died from scratch and the feathers are sewn to them in an elastic band to allow me movement on the arms. The band also has little hooks on the ends for attachment to the body.

And the boots were custom made for the outfit.”

Starlightslk’s Morrigan cosplay

     Next we have Starlightslk‘s version of Morrigan which is just as amazing!

Alliecat Morrigan costume

Alliecat Morrigan Cosplay
      This Darkstalkers Morrigan costume is by AllieCat! We featured Alliecat’s Chun Li costume before.
      This is Francesca Dani’s Morrigan. It looks very 80’s! Francesca has a website where she posts her cosplay outfits.

      The last Morrigan costume is probably the most well known. This picture has been passed along the net for years! Lindze looks exactly like Morrigan and her outfit is flawless.

     Be sure to use Mrs. Hyde’s tips when cosplaying as Morrigan. Judging by these pictures Morrigan will be a popular cosplay for years!

Lindze as Morrigan
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