More Maid Cafes? Yes, more maid cafes!


Alice maid by *clefchan


     Recently, CosplayPro posted an article about maid cafes in which we suggested that more and more maid cafes would be spreading to the west. Little did we know, maid cafes would spread like wildfire between the time we posted the article and some of the postulations we made in the article would come true sooner than we thought.

     First, it seems that the press of maid cafes in the West is receiving more attention than previously thought. CNN, and journals like the Edmonton journal have picked up articles about maid cafes and are hyping the businesses to people who normally wouldn’t be interested.

     Take for example, this article that hypes the rise of the Magnetic Cafe in Richmond, Canada which has been receiving a lot attention lately.

     The article talks about a new maid cafe that has opened in Canada called the Magnetic Cafe. This comes after the I Maid Cafe closed down in Canada. It can only be good news in that more people are considering maid cafes as a legitimate business outside of Japan.

: Maid Cafe : by =F-AYN-T

     Another good thing is that it seems to be going over well.

       “Business has been slow during lunch hours, said Chang, but once 9 p.m. rolls around, customers flock in by the dozens. Most of them are young Asian men.

      ‘We’re targeting a group that no other bubble tea place is targeting,” Lui said. “Usually, when you think of bubble tea, you think of girls who sit in a cafe, chatting for hours, while guys are more likely to grab a quick bite or order takeout and go. But we actually have more guys who want to spend time here.’ (Edmonton Journal)

By g2slp

     Could this mean that you’ll see a lot more of those bubble tea stands at the mall turn into a business such as a cosplay cafe?

     The article also mentions how the owner, “Still, to keep the cosplay idea fresh and to make her restaurant stand out from the competition, Chang is ordering more costumes online from Taiwan.

‘I’m thinking nurses, flight attendants and car-show models,’ she said.”

     Which brings us to the point we made in our previous article that turned out to be true. Cosplay cafes are going to have to get crazier. In order to keep the idea of coming to the cafes as fresh and as exciting as before, they’re going to have the up the excitement level.

     Take for example, the new “Little Brother Cafe” which has gained popularity recently. This CNN article explains how “Ototo female staff to dress up as boys, with colored hair, waistcoats and bow ties. Instructions at Cafe B’s Prince in Sotokanda explain how you can “drink tea, eat sweets and pass the time with your kid brother.”

     Not only are maid cafes trying to stay interesting, but also other forms of cosplay businesses are trying to keep up with its growing popularity. Take for example, the first cosplay museum which opened up in the Philippines recently. This trend is not limited to maid cafes. When you have things like cosplay museums opening up, you know that cosplay has reached a wide audience that is going to demand more.

     This is an exciting time where other forms of cosplay such as Singapore cosplay is becoming more popular. The Cosafe, Singapore’s maid cafe, has brought the idea to Singapore and surely there will be more maid cafes to bring some competition.

     Our prediction for the future: More crazy maid cafes.

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