How to Cosplay Naruto – Sakura Haruno Costume

by *RainerTachibana

     Sakura starts off in Naruto as a girly girl with an infatuation for Sasuke and grows into a deeply complex character by the end of the series. She learns how to cure wounds better the best medical ninjas and she learns how to use superhuman strength, becoming a contender to any of the strongest foes in Naruto.

     Cosplaying as Sakura is similar to cosplaying as the other Naruto characters since she drawn in the same ninja style as them by artist Masashi Kishimoto. We’re going to show you how to make the best naruto cosplay, while being as cheap as possible in the process and not having to spend hundreds on this costume.

by *OnigiriSakura

     Since Sakura is instantly recognized for her pink hair, that will be the focus point of the costume. We don’t recommend using your actual hair, since it will involve bleaching, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can risk chemical burns or ruin your hair.

    Where is the best wig? You don’t even have to scour ebay to find it. Most Naruto wig items will be ill made, trying to cash in on Naruto’s popularity.

    This wig has been recommended all over to cosplaying as Sakura Haruno.

by *OnigiriSakura

     Sakura’s collar in her typical dress is a Mandarin collar. Most places will have a mandarin collar pattern, but if you have to make it yourself, here is how to do it:

     They are about a rectangular fabric the length of your necklinesewn onto the neckline. Cut 2 collar pieces and sew them with the right sides together leaving one long side open, and then turn. Sew oneside of the collar to the neckline, and then tuck the raw edges into thecollar and stitch in the ditch. Mandrin collars are usually about 1.5 inches wide.

by: uchiiiha-chan

     Keep in mind there is a circle on the back of Sakura’s dress, one on each shoulder, and one on the front flap. The best pattern for Sakura’s vest is McCall’s M4381 modified with a zipper on the front. The zipper works best as a separating zipper.

     The headband can be made by using cloth and then getting sheet metal and some titanium scissors, then hole punching out soda cans and gluing them on. Or you can buy it from Cospa (expensive but cool as hell): Naruto Shippuden – Sakura’s Hachigane (Headband) or the cheap one:

by: uchiiiha-chan

     Most Sakura costumes will have the following: red top, pink semi skirt, pink arm warmers, black gloves, and sandals (or boots). Follow this tutorial on making Naruto sandals if you’d like, or you can alternatively buy them Japanese Anime Naruto Cosplay Costume Accessories – Ninja Shoes / Sandals Black. If you’re feeling like you need to add even more, get some green contacts.

     If you follow this tutorial you could make the Sakura costume cheaply in under $50, and it’ll be a professional looking costume too!

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