Best World of Warcraft Cosplays – Elf Cosplays

     Everyone’s favorite MMORPG comes to life in these Best World of Warcraft costumes! Today we’re featuring costumes of the elven race.

by ~illyne

     When the scourge destroyed their city, the high elves split into two factions with most if not all calling themselves Sin’dorei or “children of the blood”. Because they allied with the Naga to defend their homeland, they were imprisoned for treason. They are rescued from their jail cell by Naga and are led to the Outlands, where they have allied with the Horde.



by *beethy

by Enchanted Collection
by Enchanted Collection

     The Kaldorei or “Children of the Stars”, the Night Elves are a powerful and old race, who once had the powers of immortality. The Burning Legion destroyed their World Tree, Nordrassil, but now they have planted a new World Tree,  Teldrassil, which they keep watch over in order to reclaim their old powers.

by swanky

Source: Money News

By Yue Wang. Source.
By Yue Wang. Source.

      Are the elves doomed to fight a bloody civil war until they are all wiped out by their enemies, or can this fractured race that was once as powerful as the Gods find peace?

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