Japanese Cosplay Costumes and Japanese Cosplayers

      Japanese cosplay is definitely different from western cosplay in many different ways, but what is for sure is that it’s just as impressive in Japan as it is anywhere else. Not only is it thought of differently, but Japanese cosplay costumes are also much different.

     If you are wondering where most of the CosplayPro’s are located, most are located in Japan.

Arisa Mizuhara, a Cosplay Idol. Source Pic.

     These cosplayers are actually professionals in that they are assigned to agencies. They are known as Cosplay Idol’s and are hired by companies like for exampe Cospa (Japanese fashion) and are assigned to do promotions. 

Only in a few cases, Booth girls aren’t followed as much as Cosplay Idols. Source pic.

     I know you’re saying, “Hey, we have that here too! Booth girls!” Yes, but for the most part, booth girls do not have the following these Cosplay Idols have. Most Japanese cosplayers make all of their costumes themselves and have their own websites where they are available for promotional services.

     Most of these professional Japanese Cosplayers are featured on TV and have a diverse set of talents that they showcase. Take for example, Shoko Nakagawa, who is a Cosplay Idol, hosts the show Pokemon Sunday (live action and news show on Pokemon), but is also an illustrator, singer, and actress.

Shoko Nakagawa’s popular blog in Japanese & English. Source pic.

Source pic.

  She even created a character that has its own web series called Go Sukashi.

Source pic. Shoko Nakagawa performing.

Don’t think that this is just limited to cosplay girls as well. There are also a lot of Japanese guy cosplayers.

Guys can be CosplayPro’s too.
A fellow cosplayer’s fandom for Kaname

     Most westerners when cosplaying like Japan cosplayers will cosplay in Japanese high school uniforms, Japanese maid costumes, or one piece costumes. Here’s are some good websites if you are looking to dress more in Japanese fashion:


     Of course, you could try to use these Japanese websites if you are able to:

The Westerner’s obsession with the Japanese High School Uniform.

     The Japanese school girl uniform was created over 100 years ago, since then it has become part of a cultural mark when it comes to Japanese fashion. If you are interested in cosplaying in a Japanese high school costume, here is a good website.

    The sailor scout uniform (Think Sailor Moon) was actually created in the 1920’s to emulate the British navy since they were a strong force at the time, and the headmistress who first created it was from Britain.

An elaborate crest on a uniform. Source pic.

     Instead of the distain Americans have for school uniforms, Japanese school girls like to wear the uniforms because it is a statement of their youth. You will even see them wearing their uniforms when they are out of school, because it has become associated with their identity.

    Many westerners think that dressing as a Japanese school girl is an easy thing. Throw on a white shirt and a skirt and you’re done. Not so. Japanese high school uniforms are becoming more and more elaborate. Many of the uniforms are used to by families to express their honor, and even some have elaborate crests on them to distinguish their family.

     If you’re going to be going out in Japanese fashion please do not simply resort to the simple ideas. Check out the websites referenced here, and check out some Cosplay Idols to see some good ideas.

Ginko Chan, another Cosplay Idol.

     To see how much devotion goes into Japanese cosplay, check out the video below. It describes how much fan love goes into Japanese cosplay.


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