The Growing Popularity of Japan’s Maid and Butler Cafes

     Ever wanted to eat at a cosplay themed restaurant or to be served by an elegant maid or butler? Maid Cafes might be your thing. First started in 2001 in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan there are now maid cafes spread throughout the world, with maid cafes even spreading to the United States.

Maids call their customers “Master” or “Mistress”.

     The difference between maid cafes and hosts at regular restaurants is that basically the maids are really there to serve and to be obedient, interact more with the guests to make sure they are happy, and will do special things such as photo taking or playing games with them.

The photos usually has manga themed words printed in cute letters.

      Along with these special services, maid cafes offer different themed rooms for customers to dine in. Some themes that we have seen can range from what some would call mundane, a doctor’s office, to the fantastical, a princess’ castle. Some maid cafes have a whole theme onto themselves. Some of the cafes are school themed where the girls dress up like school girls and you sit at a desk. Another is one where you are served on a subway.

Some maid/butler cafes offer dates with the clients. To see what problems this might cause buy the Great Happiness Space.

     While the guests might be served by cute young girls, most maid/butler cafes stay away from anything that might be deemed sexual. The maids/butler will treat you with servitude, but they expect to be treated with respect. However, recently there have been some maid cafes who have offered dates with the clients.

     Some of the problems with this can be seen in some butler cafes, where the men are expected to drink and party with the women all night, get up the next day, and do it all over again. It is not as happy as it seems. The more the men drink, the more percentage they get out of the bar tab, so this leaves many of them in bad health due to the fact that they will often drink constantly all night for seven days of the week.

     When going into a butler cafe, once you chose your butler you are expected to always see that particular one. When entering the restaurant they will proclaim, “Welcome back, Mistress”.

Butlers will often treat their women customers like princesses.

     Because the butlers try to establish real relationships with the women, it can cause obsession, and some women will spend all of their money simply to dine with a butler in one of the restaurant’s private rooms. One butler in The Great Happiness Space, states how he won’t have sex with this particular woman, because he knows that once he has sex with her she will go on to the next butler. He keeps her at bay by denying her, letting her believe that she is getting closer to him.

     While this is the case for some maid/butler cafes, the others strictly forbid this type of behavior.

Credit. Maid cafes are growing in popularity with some in Canada and the U.S.

     Because Maid Cafes are growing in popularity, some think that they will have to offer more and more outlandish services to the guests in order to deal with the competition. Maid cafes are now offered around the world with one of the first in the United States, Royal-T, being built in California. It’s a combination cafe, store, and art gallery. It has been doing very well, unlike the “i maid cafe” in Canada which closed down in 2001.

     Here are some references for maid cafe locations and other information:

     The I Maid Cafe in Canada closes down
     Guide to some maid cafes
     The Great Happiness Space : A good movie about butler cafes
     Maid cafe in Singapore: Cosafe Maid Cafe: 30 Victoria Street Singapore 187996


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