International Cosplay Day – August 27th

     Cosplayers around the world are going to be going out into public on International Cosplay Day on August 27th. Will you be going?

     We will be following meet ups around the world on the day.

     Here is a list of meet ups:

Sacramento, California:!/event.php?eid=111034095616720&ref=mf

Chicago, Illinois:

New York City, New York:!/event.php?eid=150298558319121&ref=mf

Corpus Christi, Texas:!/event.php?eid=146260702064337&ref=mf

Rochester, New York:

Tampa Bay, Florida:!/group.php?gid=143618952326664&v=wall

Adelaide, Australia:

cosplayers of Kansas:!/group.php?gid=120117154704933&v=wall&ref=ts

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Vancouver, Canada:

Bakersfield area, California:!/group.php?gid=126178734095701&v=wall&ref=mf

Kennesaw, Georgia:

London, England: (it’s the discussion board made by Sweeny Todd for the London meet up)

Santa Clara, California:
Therewill be a cosplay meetup at Valley Fair Westfield Mall in Santa Clara!So far we have 10 people who are willing to join/ coming with.

Washington D.C:
For the DC people come to the Washington Monument.

Sydney, Australia: Sydney Australia!! Meeting in Circular Quay at midday! All welcome!

     Here is the facebook page and the group page. Already 3,000 people attending!

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