How to Cosplay Naruto – Itachi Uchiha Costume

Do you want to cosplay as Itachi? Sasuke’s older brother, and dangerous member of the Akatsuki, cosplaying as Itachi is similar to cosplaying as his brother Itachi with most of the work going into his cloak.

Itachi’s cloak will be the most difficult. Credit: selfOblivion.

For the cloud patterns, you can fabric dye them. In other words, cut them out of red fabric, sew along the edges, trim in them in white, and then liquid stitch it on. The robe also closes by snaps and not zippers.

The clouds are located: 1 in the center of the chest, cut in half between the opening. 2: on the left side on the side of the knee. 3. The right side, at the same height. 4. On the back at around the middle.

For the cloak,’s forum member Saeru gave a good tutorial:

“This can be done with a regular T-shirt or a favorite fitting shirt as follows:…u/Pattern1.jpg
Lay out the shirt on fabric, and mark along the outside of it to the desired length of the coat. Be sure to leave space for the seams! Then cut out this pattern. (Depending on how complicated you want to get…for the simplest pattern, use double thickness when you cut out around the shirt, and then you will have your front and back peices. If you prefer that there not be a seam in the back of the coat, use single thickness when you cut out the front, and then cut out the back on a fold line, like shown with the sleve, below). Cut everywhere that there is a green line.

What you’ll end up with is four pattern peices, two of each of the following:…u/Pattern2.jpg
If you used the easier method, your front and back will look the same, and thats fine. If you want to be a little more careful, cut the neck of the back shallower and the neck of the front deeper. It will sit on your shoulders better.

For the sleve, take your shirt, once more, and lay it out so the top of the sleve is alligned with the fold line in the fabric:
Then, again, cut along the green lines. ^.^

BEFORE sewing, you want to put on your cloud peices, as its REALLY hard to put those on after the jacket is put together.

For sewing, and for the collar, you basically follow along the same rules as you would for making any garmet:…u/pattern3.jpg

To get the collar to stand up nicely, buy some fusible interfacing and fuse it to the black of the collar. For the lining of the coat, cut out the pattern again in red and sew it to the inside of the jacket. I used little clasps to close mine, but a zipper could be used, or buttons.”

Itachi’s hat

If you’re looking for a hat and can’t find any in stores around you, we advise to buy it online at

Those different types of socks that Itachi wears are actually called stirrups, so if you were searching for socks, you’re not going to find them.

You’re going to need to buy some fingernail paint, but don’t forget about your toes, because Itachi also paints his toes.

Itachi paints his nails and his toes. Credit: Kreuz

For the rest, (the contacts, the hair, and the headband) we advise you to visit our Sasuke tutorial and follow the instructions for those parts. They are brothers after all.

Remember when cosplaying as Itachi to act the part. At some parts of the manga he is emotionless, in other parts he is stern. In both parts he is wise. To act like Itachi, you must be wise yourself.

Wise Itachi. Credit: Sandfreak
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