Chobits – Chobits Cosplays – Chii Costumes

     We’re on a search for some of the best Chobits costumes!

     Here’s Hiragi’s Chii, the super persocom who was found by Hideki one night in a lonely dumpster, but then became the love of his life.

Looking for a different version of Chii? This one is really creative. We love this Lolita version of Chii by FayeUsagiHime.

Elsch’s Chii’s costume is really beautiful. She’s got the original Chobits Chi costume from the series perfected.

Here’s a costume made in one day, but looks like it took months to create! Thanks to this Cosplay Pro wabisabi for this awesome Chii outfit.

How about some other Chii cosplay costumes? How about her red maid dress? Thanks for helping us out macross-n.

Here’s another version by Cosplay Pro Hitomi.

Miss Natsume has another version that we enjoyed!

Finally, why don’t we end this post with the most creative we found. Here’s a cosplay costume we don’t see a lot but are glad to see by Julian Moore.

     Remember to subscribe to CosplayPro for your chance to win prizes and to stay updated on our next Chobit post.

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