How to Cosplay Naruto – Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Costume

Sasuke by ~e-m-i

     Naruto is one of the most popular cosplays right now, and since we just showed you how to cosplay as Naruto, today we’ll teach you how to cosplay as one of his strongest rivals, Sasuke Uchiha.

     Since Sasuke is basically a foil to Naruto, and is his rival, he is very much in contrast to him. That being said to cosplay as Sasuke you have to do what you did with Naruto, which is pay attention to the small details.

Hams -Kun’s Sasuke

     Notice Hams-Kun’s Sasuke. If he did not have colored contacts would the costume be as powerful? No. In order to cosplay as Sasuke, we advise buying some colored contacts to make the character really stand out.

     To view some red lenses here’s a website we frequent a lot.

     Naruto has tattoos on his face. Sasuke has them on his body, and a whole lot more. Take a look at the picture above of II Squall II’s Sasuke. Notice how much detail goes into his tattoos.

     You’re going to need a friend to do this costume. One who has some art skill preferably!

     Please, do not apply these tattoos with permanent marker! If you’re going to do it, do it right, and buy some Kryolan Body Illustration Markers, which are good because they look good and won’t smear or rub off as much as some other products. We recommend also getting some fixing spray to put on beforehand so that it won’t be removed easily.

bebe_dn’s Sasuke

     Sasuke has some crazy spiked hair. Kishimoto, Naruto’s artist, claimed Sasuke to be the most difficult to draw. Sasuke’s hair, originally kept short to save Kishimoto time, has slowly gotten longer as the series has progressed, increasing the amount of time needed to draw him.

     But his hair doesn’t have to give you trouble!

     Here is an awesome tutorial on how to do the Sasuke wig. We recommend getting some 2bglued products to make it stay.

Once you have the basics down, you have to make sure you add some extra features. Here’s some options:

Sasuke’s umbrella
In some of the manga, Sasuke plays a flute

     Looking for a flute?  WindSong Natural Bamboo Flute with Traditional Asian Fingering in Key of C.

     For Sauke’s clothing, it is easiest to simply start at the base and alter a jump suit. His leg bandages are easiest with white cloth. Modify the collar of the jump suit and for the fabric don’t use something like light cloth but it will be better if you use fabric like suiting and then add some straps and buckles.

Sasuke by ~Ek-cg

     By understanding how to cosplay as Naruto, you will better understand how to cosplay as Sasuke, since they almost opposites.

     Remember that cosplaying as Sasuke Uchiha is like cosplaying as Naruto, all about the small details. Once you get the basics down, the most difficult aspect is trying to master his tattoos.

     If you do the tattoos right then your Sasuke costume will really stand out from the crowd. Once again we recommend using Kryolan Body Illustration Markers.

     That should help for any other cosplay costumes that need tattoos too!

     Good luck!

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