Naruto Cosplay – How to create the best Naruto costume

NARUTO by ~ekoputeh

Cosplaying as Naruto is all in the small details.

Naruto is all about trying to do it all by yourself without buying premade items, unless you really can’t avoid it. Once you get Naruto’s orange suit out of the way, it’s all about the details. Take a look at the picture above. Look how much detail goes into Naruto’s eyes, his tatoo, and and headband.



Take a look at this Naruto costume by areyashi.

While it is an impressive picture and one of the best of Naruto we have found, if there were more detail in the tattoo (like darker more intense streaks closer to the eye) and if he had gotten colored contacts, the costume would really stand out more.

Now take a look at this picture of Jin. 

You can see the difference. The tattoos are streaked perfectly and he has colored contacts in (unless his eyes really do pop like that!).  His eyebrows are the right color too. See, it’s all about the details.

His wig is a color like this shopping gold hair.

When you’re going for the wig you want a color more like this soft blond and not a color that is bright yellow and looks fake.

The orange jumpsuit is the easiest part, but don’t think when you’re done with that you’re done.

Twinfool’s Naruto costume. While the wig is more cartoonish, and some people might prefer that, we preferred Jin’s hair. Take a look at that umbrella! It really is amazing and makes the costume stand out.

If you’re looking for a more cartoonish look like this one we recommend buying a wig like this and then trimming it and spiking it up with some gel.

Accessorize with blades and necklaces. While we don’t recommend buying premade stuff, most people can’t metal cast, so these Amazon products are good for necklaces and swords.



Search for naruto sword

Lily Catsune adding more to her Naruto costume with some blades.

Some people really hate the store bought headbands like the one below, while others really love them. What we recommend is to buy the store bought headband and then cut out the metal part, then custom make your own out of your own detailed fabrics. A fabric that looks more hand made and has a pattern rather than the premade one. That’s what we recommend, unless you’re really feeling adventurous and would like to custom make the metal part yourself!

If you would like to do that, go to Home Depot, buy some sheet metal. Then cut it with titanium scissors and hole punch some soda cans and hot glue them on for the bolts.
Ever wonder why there are so many women who crossplay as Naruto and pull it off so well? It’s because Naruto is really in shape and has a lean figure. We recommend you have this body shape if you’re going to be cosplaying as him.

Since Naruto is all about the details, you wouldn’t want to forget his feet! Here‘s a good tutorial on how to create his trademark sandals.

Once you get all of those details down, you should have no problem standing out as Naruto.

Check back with the site as we tell you more tips and tricks for cosplaying as Naruto characters.

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