CosplayPro Spotlight – Geni

CosplayPro: Hello Geni! We ran into your cosplay photos and thought they were amazing! We just have to ask you one question, why cosplay? Why do it all in the first place?

Geni: I like it ^^ When I was younger, I think it was 2003-2004, I bought some mangas and on the last few pages there were cosplayers shown. I loved it- I loved costumes, the creative side, the colours, everything- but I didn’t know the places, etc. A week later I fortunately showed it to friends. They began to laugh and told me that they had been to such an event, and that they were going to go to another this weekend- and so that’s how I came into this scene.

CosplayPro: You’ve been cosplaying for awhile now then. What’s your favorite costume you’ve done?

Geni: Oh- that’s a good question. I love all of my costumes.. every one of them has something special that i really like. Alicia and Mitsuki are really easy but so cute, Telos is so cool, etc…I think I love them all in some way.

Geni as Mitsuki

CosplayPro: I understand, haha, they are all kind of like our children aren’t they? Can’t chose between them, and all that time that goes into making them. If you can’t pick a favorite, can I ask you what costume of yours got the most attention?

Geni as T-Elos

Geni: Hm… I think it’s Telos. With this costume I learned so much. I learned how to wire LEDs, how to make armours, etc. Or it could be Ren. It was my first complete selfmade cosplay. I spent a lot of time in it – and the people loved it ❤

Geni as Midna

CosplayPro: They all look amazing. I was suprised you didn’t say your Midna. How did you make it?

Geni: It was so easy… I made a pattern from my contour, cut off the black and white areas, used black and white stretch-fabric and a zipper, painted it with green-blue UV fabric colour and that’s it. The helmet is made out of foamed polystyrene covered with thin papier mâché. Very easy….

CosplayPro: Haha, sounds easy. Congratulations on it. Have you thought about what you mgiht cosplay next?

Geni as Asuka

Geni: Yes! I bought so much fabric this week ❤ Rosette from Chrono Crusade, Dita from Vandread and Another Blood from Demonbane are a few I’ve been thinking of using it on.

CosplayPro: You’re a German cosplayer. What was your favorite con that you were at?

Geni: Hanami in Ludwigshafen. It’s such a cute con- it’s not too big and not to small. And all years the sun was shining when I was outside. But I hope to visit some abroad cons this / next year.

CosplayPro: We can’t wait to see you! Do you think cosplay is getting more or less popular?

Geni: Definitely more popular- the conventions are getting so full the last years I was there. I remember back when we met with ~100 people- and now there are 500+. It’s great!

Geni as Ren

CosplayPro: Thank you, Geni! It was a pleasure talking to you and to be able to see your cosplays from Germany!

Thanks to Geni for allowing us the interview and the amazing photos! Here is her profile.

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