Cosplay and Fitness

The stereotype is certainly that cosplayers would rather spend more time watching anime than being outdoors, but in reality the case is more for cosplay as a motivator to exercise than not. The reason for this is that cosplayers are trying to be as close to their character as possible, and with more and more athletic people joining the ranks of cosplayers, there is even more competition. Plus, if you have ever seen an anime female, you know that most of them are not anatomically correct.

                                      Not exactly anatomically correct

Who knew that cosplaying could actually motivate someone to drop 200 pounds? Cosplayer MaruaiKan lost over 200 pounds in order to look more like her favorite Cowboy Bebop character, Faye Valentine. There are many more cosplayers with the same sucess stories.

Cosplaying is about becoming your character, and most cosplayers are so dedicated to this that they will do anything it takes. If you’re like this, we have a guide to help you. Before you partake in any kind of exercise program, you should first consult your doctor, and we take no responsibility if you hurt yourself while trying to do these exercises. We want to do this safe and efficiently.

Here are some simple steps that you could do to begin shredding off the pounds and looking great.

1. Diet at a steady pace. About  two pounds a week is ideal. If you’re losing weight too fast it’s possible that you will slow your metabolism. What this means is that once you stop dieiting, it will be harder for you to burn calories plus you will eat more, and so you will gain the weight back plus more.

2. Cut soda out. Drink water. It might not seem like much, but cutting soda out and stuff like milk and substituing water cuts the average person about 300 calories a day. That is if you just drink one soda, which most people don’t. Dieticians have been saying for years that the leading cause of obesity is sugary drinks. If the average overweight person cuts out sugary drinks and fast food, they would really see a difference.

3. Too much carbohydrates. Sometime around the turn of the century, we got obsessive over cutting fat out of our diet, so we allowed companies to reduce fat from most snacks and instead stack on more and more carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are what gives us energy, but too much from simple carb sources like pastries, bread, or sugar, can lead to a bad diet.

4. Not enough healthy fats. Fat is actually good for you. Not all fat, but some of it. Some of the good fat can be found in things like nuts (unsalted), natural peanut butter, and olive oil.

5. Not exercising. Exercising determins exactly how you will look like when you lose those pounds. Simply starving yourself will make you look skinny fat. That means you’ll look skinny in certain areas.and fat in others, plus you won’t look ripped, just skinny.

6. Thinking because you’re a girl if you lift weights you’ll become a dude. Not true, the kind of women who end up looking like that are ones who are really trying. You don’t think it’s easy for them do you? They take products that help them become that way and they eat an enormous, carefully planned amount of food. Most of the supermodels like Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba all are weightlifting to get that kind of physique.

7. Not eating the right things. Good things to eat. Protein: skinless turkey and chicken, most fish, and whole eggs. Carbohydrates: whole grains, fruits and vegetables (but to a smart degree since these can include sugar even if it is healthy), Fats: nuts, olive oil, and canola oil for cooking.

8. Not spacing out your meals. Most people eat three meals a day, but eating this way makes your metabolism to slow down. It’s ideal to eat about five smalls meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism really running.

9. You can’t spot reduce. What this means is that you can’t target a specific area to lose weight there. If you work it out with weights, you’re just going to make that area bigger. You can work out your entire body to lose fat over your entire body, and then you’ll see a difference though.

If you do these nine steps, considering you don’t already do them, you should see a drastic change in your body.

More cosplay fitness posts to follow.

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