8 Things people do who don’t cosplay that are just like cosplaying

Some people can’t easily understand cosplaying, but they can easily understand these things that they see/do every day.

1. Sporting Events– Big furry mascots, and men with their shirts off painting their faces are some things that you can see at a sporting event.

                                                  Yep, looks familiar.

2. Halloween– The event every year where it is considered normal to be dressed in costume to show your love for your favorite fictional characters.

3. Acting– Actors, even amateur ones, will go through endless hours of trying to transform themselves to look more like their characters. Rebecca Romijn would wait eight to nine hours to apply her Mystique make up for the X-Men movies. Take a look at your local theatre.

4. Movie Premiers– Harry Potter, Batman, and Twilight premiers have people who would normally never be dressing up, cosplaying in groups to show off their love for their favorite movies.

5. Dress up for their partner– Everyone thinks about their partner dressed up in different costumes. Dressing up like a pirate, nurse or police officer is OK for your boyfriend, but essentialy the same thing as cosplaying. Even if they don’t know, most people think of their partner dressing up in costumes as sexy. Cosplaying for one night only?

6. College Parties – Memorable college parties are the ones with themes, with most people dressing up. Most of the times there’s themes like zombies, favorite TV shows, or a cross between genres much like steampunk.

7. Presentations – Are you a teacher in charge of teaching students about Abraham Lincoln, or are you a student looking to get a better grade on your presentation? Why not dress up like him!

8. Lady Gaga. The most popular cosplayer around.


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