Upcoming Conventions

     Here is a list of upcoming conventions. What ones will you be going to?

Dragon*Con – September 3 – 6 – Atlanta, Georgia –  http://www.dragoncon.org/

Dragon*Con is a 30,000 plus member convention focusing on fantasy, science fiction, and comics. It encompasses over 4 hotels and over 1,500 volunteer staff. First held in 1987, it has now brings in over 30,000 people a year. 

Anime Vegas 7 – Las Vegas, Nevada – September 4 – 6 – http://www.animevegas.com/

Held in Las Vegas, Anime Vegas has panels, contests, a masquerade, and screening rooms for anime and Japanese music videos, plus much more. The 2007 and 2008 conventions featured a maid cafe. The 2010 convention will feature a costume ball. Over 4,000 attendees.

Nan Desu Kan – Denver, Colorado – September 10 – 12 – http://ndkdenver.org/

Nan Desu Kan is a 6,000 plus attendee convention located in Denver, Colorado. There are panels, contests, an art gallery, and a dealer’s room, plus more.

Anime Weekend Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia – September 17 – 19 – http://www.awa-con.com/

A 10,000 plus attendee convention, this year located at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel and and Cobb Galleria Centre. It is the southeast’s premier anime convention, consiting of panels, guests, videos, a dealers room, and much more.

Nekocon – Hampton, Virginia – November 5- 7 – http://www.nekocon.com/

Nekocon is a 3,000 plus atendee convention located at the Hampton Road’s Convention Center. There are cosplay contests, video rooms, AMV contests, panels, and more. It is in it’s 13th year.

Anime USA – Arlington, Virgina – November 12 – 14 – http://www.animeusa.org/

A 3,000 plus attendee convention featuring Japanese creators of anime and manga, cosplay, voice actors from anime and videogames, artists, vendors and exhibits, panels, workshops, and gaming. Started in 1999 as a convention by fans and continues to be a convention by fans, for fans.

Pacific Media Expo – Pasadena, California –  November 12- 14 – http://pacificmediaexpo.info/2010/

Convention focusing on anime and manga, J-Pop, J-Rock/Visual Kei, Gothic Lolita, J-Drama/K-Drama, and Asian cinema. This year is located at the Hilton Pasadena.

New York Anime Festival and New York Comic Con – New York, New York – October 8 – 10 – http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/en/NYAF/

Held jointly with New York Comic Con, it boasts 20,000 plus in attendees. Held at the Jacob K. Javits Center it features anime screenings, guests, manga, cosplay, video games, live-action Japanese cinema, fashion, and food.

Youmacon – Detroit, Michigan – October 28 – 31 – http://www.youmacon.com/

6,000 plus atendee convention held in the Metro Detroit area. Features cosplay events, video gaming, live action games, and panels, plus much more.

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