OC Remix Panel Review – Remixed Video Game Music

    Overclocked Remix is a website that focuses on new arrangements and interpretations of video game music.

     Con goers lined up on Saturday for a panel by OCRemix. The panel included various composers and a game of guess that video game song. While they did play some of their remixes and videos, we really wanted to hear more. 

     Those of you who are reading this are in luck, since you’re on the internet and can hear some of the songs right on their website now:



     They did play a cool promo video for their Donkey Count Country 2 remixed album:

     The songs that you had to guess were played on a flute and ranged from Streets of Rage to Silent Hill. The two teams were split up from the left and right side of the crowd.

     One team was Hyrule while the other team was supposed to be team Sonic, except that there was a slight change, once everyone saw the Chozo the left side had chosen. They decided to go with the name team Chozo.

     It was a funny sight seeing a Chozo raise his hand to answer video game questions (he was able to raise his hand!) And he was also a crowd favorite, with everyone chanting…even others on Hyrule side had to give it to him. 

     Chozo ended up winning but it was a close call as some thought Team Hyrule had raised their hand first, but due to Chozo’s costume it was a tough judging decision.

     OCRemix has a wide selection of video game music, and the best part about it is that it’s free. If for nothing else, it was worth it to go to the panel to learn about their website.

     Why not check it out now? http://ocremix.org/

     Thanks to the OCRemix guys and girls for their panel and most of all their music!

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