Otakon Review – Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (18+)

     It’s Friday of Otakon, and we’re got these nifty things around our wrists. 18+ wrist bands, and now we want to use them.

     We look at the schedule of events to decide what panel we want to go to. Staring at us in the face is…

     Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

     How could we say no? When else do you get to see a Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl on the big screen? The title was aptly named. We didn’t need anything else to decide.

     We head to the panel at 10:00, sure that there will be fountains of blood and plenty of gore that will send these Otakon goers into a frenzy, since we had been at Itchi the Killer before, and knew what to expect.

     What we got was perhaps the most offensive movie we’ve ever stumbled across. 

     Some of it will make you happy, but other times, it might just actually offend you. While the movie was fun at times (blood skates anyone?), the movie features some intense scenes of Ganguro Girls. 

     Which is basically asian girls dressed up to be black. While the movie is making fun of the ganguro trend, I’m sure some had no idea what it was trying to prove.

     With that aside, if you were able to look past that or saw it as a form of social criticism, you might have gotten offended by this:

     The school that the protagonist goes to has some pretty weird clubs. One of these clubs is a wrist cutting club. There’s a lot of scenes of wrist cutting, even one where a girl wins a wrist cutting trophy.

     Now if you’re able to handle all of that, here is the synopsis of the movie:

Transfer student Monami has a secret and a past that has caught up with Mizushima. Deceiving Mizushima into eating a token gift of chocolate, laced with her blood, he is then catapulted into Monami’s vampire world of blood, death and love. Jilted girlfriend Keiko has other ideas. With a sudden twist of fate, she is then transformed into the hideous and unforgiving Frankenstein Girl, and the battle for Mizushima’s heart begins.

     The movie has scenes that you just have to see to believe. One scene, the character flips out eating a chocolate gift like a scene out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He even looks at a group of people walking down the road and sees their open bodies in X-Ray vision.

      If you’re a fan of live action there’s a ton of bloody scenes with some amazing gags (like the aforementioned blood skates). Or if you just want to see a movie and be amazed or offended by it, we suggest picking up Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl.

     It’s not out yet, but you can pre-order it here:

Amazon.com for frankenstein girl vs vampire girl

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