The Line for Otakon!

     It’s Thursday, the day before Otakon, and participants stand in line and wait for their badges so that they don’t have waste any time waiting on Friday. 

     Restless con goers waited in line Wednesday night. 

     Many were there just because they couldn’t wait until Thursday.  They came to stand in line at the Baltimore Convention center for their badge and to talk to other cosplayers. But the line wouldn’t officially move until afternoon Thursday.

     Most came in the early morning and the afternoon Thursday. They braved storms until the line was moved in doors.


     Many years, Otakon participants had to wait hours to stand in line for their badge, but the only ones who really had to wait were those who came early, before the line officially moved.

     This year, things ran much faster, and by 6:00 on Thursday, after a couple of hours of Otakon’s line officially moving, most had their badge and were already participating in the festivities outside of the convention center and in the surrounding Harbor streets.

Otakon officially begins tomorrow!

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One Response to The Line for Otakon!

  1. Jimbo says:

    Woo! Can't wait! I'm loving this photo blog, keep it up!

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